Taddle Creek

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Another interesting website is the Taddle Creek Watershed Initiative.

Taddle Creek was known Little Don River in early days.A bit later. it was known as as Brewery Creek near Enoch Turner’s brewery, house and garden. Many creeks in old Toronto were known as Brewery Creek, for example Castle Frank Brook through Yorkville. Other names for Taddle Creek were Goodwin Creek and University Creek. East of Jarvis Street, it was also known as Wolz Creek after Mr. Woltz a brewer who used the waters from the creek in his operations. Taddle Creek was buried at different times ; east of Church before 1860; Elizabeth St.. to Church St. as early as 1866; and University of Toronto sections by 1886.

There is some controversy as to whether the Wychwood Creek was actually the source of the Taddle. It may have been a tributary of Garrison Creek.

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