Lost River Walks

The objective of Lost River Walks is to encourage understanding of the city as a part of nature rather than apart from it, and to appreciate and cherish our heritage. Lost River Walks aims to create an appreciation of the city’s intimate connection to its water systems by tracing the courses of forgotten streams, by learning about our natural and built heritage and by sharing this information with others.

The Toronto Green Community started Lost River Walks to help us discover the fascinating world of the watershed beneath our feet. This site is the start of a field book on the lost streams of Toronto. Bits of our city’s history, both natural and built, are included. Those interested can take a virtual lost creeks walk, or better, use the information to take a self-guided tour. Come explore nature hidden under our city and along its ravines and byways.

Would you like to lead a Lost River Walk? We are looking for leaders. Contact us at The Streamwalker. We have developed some guidelines, useful for leaders, but which have information also useful for those walking on their own.

For more about “Lost River Walks,” how it started, philosophy, who we are, how to contact us, conventions used and acknowledgements, please see the Introduction.

“Lost River Walks” is a joint project of The Toronto Green Community, The Toronto Field Naturalists and community partners including Hike Ontario. Lost River Walks is an official Ontario Legacy Trail, and has been voted one of the 24 best walking programs / trail systems in the province.

Comments on the Lost River Walks web site should be sent by email to The Streamwalker.

© The copyright to the contents of this website is held by P.J. Hare and The Toronto Green Community. Permission to use information contained within may be obtained by emailing The Streamwalker.

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