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This page provides direct links to new pages and also issues of topical and seasonal interest.

Our Latest Pages

Don River: Four pages are underway to cover the Don River from the Forks to the Bay. As work progresses, information on and links to completed portions and temporary pages will be posted here.

The first to be completed was the Channel Reach, from Riverdale to the Bay.

The Ravines Reach from Pottery Road to Riverdale is the second one to be completed. New points for this reach include: Lamb’s Glue Factory, Prince Edward Viaduct, Todmorden Mills, Todmorden Wildflower Preserve, Chester Springs Marsh, Wm Peyton Hubbard, Salt Dome, Helliwell’s Hill Wetland, Water in the City, Taylor’s toll gate, Weirs, Snow Dumps and Bridges from Pottery Road to Riverdale.

The Crothers Reach, the next one up stream, has now been completed. New points for this reach include: Toronto Natural Heritage Study, Sun Valley Brick Works, Beechwood Wetland, Don Valley Paper Mill, Crother’s Woods, North Toronto Sewage Treatment Plant, the Leaside Viaduct and Bridges along Crothers Reach.

The last page, from the Forks to the Leaside Viaduct will be called the Thorncliffe Reach and will include the following points of interest: Thorncliff Racetrack, Taylor Brothers Upper Mill, Thorn Cliff and Thorncliffe Farms, Elevated Wetlands, Bridges at the Forks and Charles Sauriol Conservation Reserve.

As part of this project a series of pages on the bridges across the Don is being developed including: Bridges at the Forks, Leaside Viaduct and bridges along Crothers Reach, Bridges from Pottery Road to Riverdale, Prince Edward Viaduct and Queen Street and bridges, south of Queen Street.

Over Hill and Dale” is a new series of pages to describe walks that crossed from stream to stream. The first in this series is “The Old Oaks of Deer Park.”

Other new pages

Two new pages established in 2006 are Spring Ephemerals with pictures of several native spring flowers and Christmas Trees. Two new pages have been added to the series on Toronto’s Ice Age: Before the Ice Age and The Great Delta

Work has started on a group of pages to cover the creeks that flowed into Ashbridge’s Bay and the Beach.

Seasonal pages and Topical Issues