Burke Brook

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Burke Brook is one of those streams that started up in Downsview. After leaving a relatively level plain in the former City of North York, it flowed though the Chatsworth, Blythwood, Sherwood and Sunnybrook Ravines to enter the West Don in Sunnybrook Park. It was approximately nine kilometres long and had 6 km in tributaries. Its name comes from an early settler. Burke Brook is divided into five reaches in this account: Wilson Heights Reach, from the Downsview area, near to the Wilson Heights/Allen Road interchange, south east to Bathurst Street and Highway 401; Avenue Road Reach, from Highway 401 to Lawrence Avenue; Chatsworth Ravine Reach, Lawrence Avenue to Yonge Street; Sherwood Park Reach, Yonge Street to Bayview Avenue; and Sunnybrook Reach, from thence to the West Don River. Four tributaries: Lawrence Park Stream; McDougall Stream; Havergal Stream; & Blythwood Stream are also described.