Blythwood Stream

1 km, largely in the former City of North York.

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Blythwood Reach

To trace this stream one could start near St. Leonard’s and St. Ives Avenues. ( Note: St. Ives and some other small streets are not named on the above map). Follow St. Leonard’s Cr. south-west to Dawlish Ave. and east to #206 where Dawlish is broken by a small ravine filled with Norway Maple, Silver Maple, and Elm. Return to Pinedale Rd. a short street in a mini-ravine with Many large trees: Sugar Maple and Walnut plus Silver Maple, Cottonwood, Norway Maple, White Pine, Black Cherry, and Norway Spruce. At corner of Strathgowan Cr. and Pinedale Rd. note 3 fingers to ravine which join here. Glengowan Rd., Pinedale Rd. And west of Fidelia Ave. Note White Pine on slope west and south of Pine Forest Rd. South and east of this point there are newer houses. Continue south and east on Strathgowan Cr. Observe ravine behind the houses on the west side with White Pine and Red Oak behind 43 Strathgowan Cr. and 1 Stratheden. There are two particularly large and fine Colorado Spruce at this corner.

Go east to Mildenhall Rd. south to Stratford Rd. then west to low corner and south to Blythwood Rd. Blythwood Stream crossed at junction of Blythwood Rd. and Blythdale Rd. Walk through small park to south-east corner, where this stream comes out in a ditch through a small ravine. Trees here include: Crack Willow, Elm, Manitoba Maple, Silver Maple, Linden, Norway Maple, and, further down, Red Oak, Walnut, Ash, Sugar Maple and White Pine. This ravine can be seen between Blythdale Rd. and Ridgefield Rd. and to south-west of Sunnydene Cr. behind the houses. There is a trail from the end of Ridgefield Rd. to Sunnydene Cr. Ravine is clearly seen behind #29 Sunnydene Cr. There are abundant exotic conifers along this street including Colorado Spruce, Scots Pine, Douglas Fir and Austrian Pine plus some Norway Maple, Honey Locust, and Cottonwood. This stream enters Burke Brook through a storm sewer south of Sunnydene Cr. in the narrow part of Sherwood Park.