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SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 17, 2000, 2 P.M. ASHBRIDGE’S BAY - DON RIVER PRE-HISTORY In Riverdale seven little streams once drained a great sandbar, and fed a vast marshy wetland, Ashbridges Bay, part of a large delta formed by the Don River as it entered the lake. In the early days of Toronto they were sites for farms, mills, quarries, brick works & garbage dumps. In even earlier times they supported Huron Iroquois villages where corn beans squash tobacco sunflowers were grown, and fur trading Mississauga who moved in as the Huron retreated to the north. This walk traces the course of Holly Brook and Mill Brook: along the way we visit the site of an ancient first nations settlement, an original farmhouse, some great gardens including those at the Bain Avenue Coop. Meet at Chester Subway Station. Walk Leaders, Dagmar Baur, Russell Vaughan.

SATURDAY OCTOBER 7, 2 P.M. THE LOST PONDS OF SILVERTHORN. Fascinating tales about life near Lavender Creek in days gone by! Walk Leader, Ian Wheat. Meet at the S.W. corner of Caledonia Road and Eglinton Ave West.

SUNDAY OCTOBER 15, 1 P.M. to 4 P.M. ROWNTREE/SILVERTHORN/LAVENDER CREEK ..along a broad valley, up to the crest of the ancient Lake Iroquois shore bluff, down into the bed of the ancient lake, over the sands and days of former brickfields, recent landfills, along the Davenport Gravel Bar, and finally to the flowing remains of Lavender Creek, and the plains of the ancient Humber River. Meet at Bert Robinson Park on Caledonia Rd between Rogers Rd & Eglinton. Walk leader Dick Watts.

Sunday, October 22nd, 2000, 2:00 pm Taddle Creek Fall Walk and Talk, Part 1 Join the Taddle Creek Watershed Initiative for an afternoon walk along the upper reaches of Taddle Creek. We will discuss future exciting possibilities! Meet at the south-east corner of St. Clair Ave. West and Wychwood Ave. In partnership with Evergreen, Toronto Bay Initiative, North Toronto Green Community. Taddle Creek Fall Walk and Talk, Part 2, will be held in November call for details. For more information please call 416.392.1560 ext. 8.5720.

SATURDAY NOVEMBER 4, 2000 - “GROG LANE” A HERITAGE TORONTO WALK IN THE RUSSELL CREEK WATERSHED. Walk Leader, Ian Wheal. Meet at 1.30 p.m. at the NE corner of Queen and John Sts.

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 19, 2 P.M. MUD CREEK, YELLOW CREEK, THE BINSCARTH CREEK, AND THE DON VALLEY BRICKWORKS. The main focus of the walk is the fascinating history and geology of the Brick Works, the “daylighting of Mud Creek, to create beautiful wetlands wildflowers and aquatic habitat. On the way there we will see something of Yellow Creek and creek known as the Binscarth Creek. Meet at the top of Sherbourne Street (two blocks north of Bloor at South Drive). Walk leader Ed Freeman. Joint outing with Evergreen Foundation

Sunday, November 26, 2000, 1:30 p.m. Heritage Walk with Ian Wheal - Russell Creek Meet outside the Bathurst Subway Station

Sunday, November 26, 2000, 2:00 p.m. TADDLE CREEK WALKABOUT PART II Join the Taddle Creek Watershed Initiative for an afternoon walk along lower Taddle Creek. We will look at Taddle Creek projects already in place! Meet at Hart House, University of Toronto. More info 599-4171. In partnership with Evergreen, Toronto Bay Initiative, North Toronto Green Community.

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 17, 2 PM FROM DUFFERIN CREEK TO SILVER HOLLOW CREEK TO BLACK CREEK - A HEADWATERS WALKABOUT AT DOWNSVIEW PARK. Walk leaders Mike Peppard et al. Meet at the southeast comer of Sheppard Avenue West and Yukon Lane (one block west of Downsview Subway Stn)


Sunday January 21, 2001, 2 P.M. FROM DUFFERIN CREEK TO HOOVER CREEK TO BLACK CREEK - A HEADWATERS WALKABOUT AT YORK UNIVERSITY. Did you know that the headwaters for Dufferin Creek once actually extended north of the York University Campus, or that 15 tiny tributary streams flowed across the campus into Black Creek. This was once a thriving agricultural community which included a highly successful native Canadian farming community. Find out more about the human and natural history of York University, and hear about present day plans to build Tennis Courts on the last above ground tributary on the York Campus. Walk Leaders TBA. Meet at the south west corner of Steeles and Keele. Helen Mills led the walk with Elise Houghton who researched alot of the agricultural history.

Sunday February 18, 2001, 2 P.M. Trees in Winter and landforms.

Sunday, March 18, 2001, 2 P.M. Trees in Winter, landforms and Notable houses past and present. Meet at St. Clair West Subway Station (main entrance on north side of St, Clair). Leader Peter Hare.

Saturday, March 24, 2 p.m. Grog Lane Walk Russell Creek and St. Patrick’s Market Meet northeast corner Queen Street and John Street. Leader: Ian Wheal.

Saturday, March 24, 2 p.m. Grog Lane Walk Russell Creek and St. Patrick’s Market Meet northeast corner Queen Street and John Street. Leader:Ian Wheal.

Sunday March 25, 2 P.M.2001, Meet at St. John’s Norway Church, Kingston Road and Woodbine, to continue our exploration of Tomlin’s Creek and the lost ponds along Toronto’s Lake Ontario shore east of the Don. Visit the Ashbridge Eco Community Garden. Leader Ian Wheel

Saturday, March 31 2 pm Lost Ponds of Dentonia, Victoria Park. Meet at the Main Subway Station Walk Leader Ian Wheal.

Saturday April 14, time TBA The Railway landscape’s physical and human elements. Meet at the Dundas west subway, walk to St. Clair Walk Leader Ian Wheal.

Saturday, April 21, 2 pm Garrison Watershed The story of Dundurn Heights and Whippoorwill Estate. Meet at the southwest comer of St Clair and Oakwood Walk Leader lan Wheal.

Sunday, April 22, 2001, 1:30 P.M. WHERE THREE WATERSHEDS MEET

Drumlin hopping and urban ecology at the edge of the Don Watershed. Explore nature, geology & heritage as we search for remnants of three creeks which now lie buried beneath the urban landscape. Features of the walk include the drumlins, highlands and valleys of Castle Frank Brook, Rowntree/Lavender Creek & Garrison Creek; history of natural and man-made elements from glacial times to now. in some of the oldest parts of the city. Meet at Vaughan Rd. & Arlington Ave. The walk ends at St. Clair & Christie. Leaders: Terry MacAuliffe & Dick Watts.

Sunday, April 29, 2 pm Watersheds of Downsview National Park. This walk ventures into true urban “wilderness” - a “no-person’s land” of expressways, runways, train tracks, subway yards, industry, shopping malls big box shopping under construction, and 1950s housing tracts built on old dump sites. In this landscape, once a primordial forest growing on a gently undulating till plain, lay headwaters for many creeks. They flowed south-west from here to feed the Don River and west into Blade Creek and so into the Humber. Amazingly, traces of Meadow Creek, Yellow Creek and others are still visible in the landscape and between runways at the Downsview Airport. Come and find out about the impossible Dream to restore a network of living tributary streams and links from Downsview to the Don River and from Downsview to York University to the Oak Ridges Moraine. Meet at the southwest comer of Dufferin and Wilson to explore the little known headwaters and more of Meadow Creek Walk Leaders Ian Wheal and Ed Freeman

Saturday, May 12, 2 pm Willow Pond Dufferin Gate and the story of Anne Gwynn, humanitarian animal lover and naturalist. Meet at King and Dufferin

Sunday, May 20, 1:30 pm. BLACK CREEK - nature and heritage walk, Humber watershed, west central Toronto Meet at Humber Blvd. and Avon Ave. Ducks, geese, blue herons, terrace ponds, Carrying Place Trail, Humber Baymouth Bar, and a stream with walls are features of this walk Waterproof boots are recommended. The walk ends at Jane and Alliance. Leaders: Madeleine McDowell and Dick Watts.

Sunday, May 27, 2:00 pm In Search of Russell Creek A guided walk along a former stream flowing into Toronto Bay, which now buried beneath the City, including a visit to the Seaton naturalization site. Moderate pace. Mostly even surfaces. Meet at Bathurst and Bloor subway station. A Toronto Bay Initiative walk in partnership with Evergreen and the Toronto Field Naturalists. Please call Toronto Bay Initiative to register: (416) 943-8080 ext. 227.

Sunday, June 17, 2:00 p.m. In Search of Garrison Creek. Garrison Creek was once a major stream entering Toronto Bay. Today it is home to such interesting places as Garrison Common, Old Fort York, and Trinity Belwoods Park. Joanne Doucet of the Toronto Field Naturalists and Lost Rivers leads this guided walk following the former route of the Creek. Moderate pace. Mostly even surfaces. Meet at the Christie subway station. A Toronto Bay Initiative walk in partnership with Evergreen and the Toronto Field Naturalists. Please call Toronto Bay Initiative to register: (416) 943-8080 ext. 227.

Sunday June 24, 10:00 am to 12:00 noon Water In The City Walk Participate in a fascinating walk that follows the path of rain water from where it falls in our neighbourhoods, enters the City’s underground sewer system, and discharges into local rivers and the Bay. Learn how every house, school and business can be part of the clean water solution. Walk includes hilly terrain and short, off-trail excursions. Meet outside the Chester Subway station (Danforth line). In partnership with RiverSides Stewardship Alliance. Call RiverSides at (416) 392-1983 to register.

TUESDAY, JUNE 26, 6.45 P.M. Evening Ramble Parson’s Creek north of Lavender Creek was Parson’s Creek, a not so small creek bubbling through meadows and across the railway line on its way to Black Creek. Walk Leader, Ian Wheal. Meet at the corner of Eglinton Avenue West and Caledonia

SATURDAY, June 30, 1.30 p.m. WHERE EDGES MEET. PARKDALE’S human and natural history. A tale of lost ponds, groves, community gardens and the people who started the very first community garden in Canada. Walk Leader Ian Wheal. A joint walk with Toronto Bay Initiative, Evergreen and Toronto Field Naturalists. Details to be “confirmed ‒ please call.

SUNDAY, JULY 15, 2001, 2 P.M. NORTH TORONTO GARDEN TOUR Mud Creek Watershed. A pleasant meander through one or two lost creek watersheds (Mud Creek and?) to look at some lovely gardens and regeneration sites. Featuring the Eglinton Park Heritage Community Garden. Meet at the Eglinton Park Heritage Community Garden, behind the North Toronto Memorial Community Centre, 200 Eglinton Avenue west. Walk Leader, Helen Mills

SUNDAY, JULY 22, 2001, 2 P.M. NORTH TORONTO GARDEN TOUR Burke Brook Watershed. We will trace two tributaries of Burke Brook through the complex landforms of Lawrence Park, visiting a North Toronto Green Community Naturalization site and some beautiful gardens along the way. Our walk will take us through a neighbourhood with some magnificent trees ‒ beautiful remnants of the maples beeches and white pines that once covered the whole city. Meet at the southwest corner of Wanless and Mount Pleasant Ave. (one block north of Lawrence). Walk Leader TBA

SUNDAY, AUGUST 19, 2001, 2 P.M. WHERE EDGES MEET-ST. JAMESTOWN. A neighbourhood natural history tour featuring the Community Butterfly Garden in St Jamestown West Park and other nearby gardens and naturalization sites. Meet outside the Sherbourne Subway Station, Walk Leaders TBA A joint walk with Evergreen and Toronto Field Naturalists

SUNDAY AUG. 26, 2001, 2 P.M. Burke Brook Walmsley Brook Lake Iroquois the Peel Ponds and the butterfly effect! We visit an ancient lake shore and lagoon, follow the Lake Iroquois shoreline north into the Burke Brook watershed for a visit to “The Incredible Cosmic Bird-Feeder” a special children’s garden (to be confirmed) Meet at the southeast corner of Eglinton Avenue East and Bayview (just east of MacDonald’s). Walk Leader TBA

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 16, 2001, 2 P.M. Burke Brook Watershed/ Sewershed under threat. After nearly 40 years of relative calm, North Toronto is under intense development pressure. We will look at a section of Burke Brook, soon to gain many thousands of extra residents. The ravines of North Toronto are already suffering from overuse and our buried creeks deliver much of the polluted water befouling the Don River and Lake Ontario. What will be the impact of these developments and who will pay for upgrading the sewers? How can we house our increasing population with least damage? Walk Leader Helen Mills. Meet at the northwest corner of Avenue Road and Woburn.

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 8, 2001, 1.30 pm, Unsung Women of the Mercer (Toronto women’s prison) Meet at the SW corner of King and Dufferin Walk Leader, Ian Wheal.

Saturday, September 22, 2001, 9:30 am. Toronto Carrying Place, up to Eglinton. Leader Madeleine McDowell, Meet at Queen Street right-of-way, Queensway & South Kingsway (south of Petro Canada Station).

Sunday, September 23 2001, 11:00 am to 4:00 pm, Celebrate the Fall Equinox with an All Day Taddle Creek Walk, Call Eduard Sousa for details & to register 416-599-4171.

Saturday, September 29, 2001, 1.30, pm. Schooners and their Masters. The story of John Mulver, ship-owner, and of cutthroat alley Meet at the SW corner of Bathurst and Queen. Walk Leader, Ian Wheal

Sunday, September 30, 2001, 1.30 pm The railway kings of Rosedale and their estates. Meet at the southeast corner of Avenue Rd and Macpherson Ave. Walk Leader, Ian Wheal

Sunday, September 30 2001, 1:30 pm Homes on the Hill II. This walk wanders through several neighbourhoods above the Davenport Hill, including the commerical hub around Bathurst and StClair. Stroll through Humewood and explore the length of the Cedarvale Ravine. Leaders: Terry McAuliffe and Jim Wiswell. Start Point: Wells Hill Park, south side of StClair Ave W, just west of the StClair West subway station. Finish Point: North end of the StClair West subway station on Heath Street.

Wednesday, October 3, 2001, 6:30 to 8:00 pm - Hike Ontario Event at Parc Downsview Park, to start at the Children’s and Community Discovery Centre. Two components: first, a review of the trail patterns historically on the site and second, an explanation of some of the trail concepts derived out of the Tree City development plan and their application on the park lands. Please register with Tony Genco (416) 952 2223.

Saturday, October 13 2001, 9:00 am. Walk for the Moraine. King Campus of Seneca College. You are invited to walk to raise money to protect land on the Oak Ridges Moraine. Register ahead of time if possible, and collect pledges from friends. Come to Seneca College - King Campus near Aurora. Guided and self-guided walks of varying lengths have been organized, including walks for families. You’ll discover rolling hills, forests, kettle lakes, wetlands, streams and farmland that the Moraine is famous for. You can participate as a walker or as a donor. Free parking is available on site, or take a Yonge Street GO Bus to Aurora then board a free shuttle bus. The event is organized by the Oak Ridges Moraine Land Trust, with assistance from the Oak Ridges Trail Association and support from Seneca College - King Campus. For more information, or to get a registration/pledge brochure, call 416-410-6271 or 1-877-288-6399, or visit .

Sunday, October 21, 2001, 1:00 to 4:00 pm In Search of Taddle Creek. An interpretive walk along the upper course of the stream, highlighting points of interest, and past regeneration activities. Meet at Wychwood and St. Clair (west of Bathurst) on the steps of the church. Bring your own refreshments. A joint walk with the Taddle Creek Watershed Initiative, Toronto Bay Initiative, Evergreen and Toronto Field Naturalists. Please call Edward Sousa at (416) 599-4171 to register.

Saturday, November 10, 2001, 1.30 pm. Power Street Springs Meet at Power Street and Queen St East Walk Leader, Ian Wheal

Sunday, November 11, 2001, 2:00 pm. Upper Yellow Creek. This is the first of three walks to trace Yellow Creek from its source at Downsview to where it enters the Don River at Bloor Street. Leader Peter Hare. Meet at Wilson and Dufferin SW corner.

Sunday, November 18, 2001, 1-4 pm Lower Taddle Creek Walk, Taddle Creek was once a major stream emptying into Toronto Bay - a watershed in its own right. Today it lies buried beneath the City as part of its sewer system. Join us for an interpretive walk along the lower course of this stream, highlighting points of interest, past regeneration activities, and opportunities for “daylighting” Taddle Creek. Presented by the Taddle Creek Watershed Initiative, in partnership with the North Toronto Green Community, Toronto Field Naturalists, Toronto Bay Initiative and Evergreen. Please call Eduard Sousa at (416) 599-4171 for details and to register.

Sunday, December 16, 2001, 1 pm. It happened in December. Meet at Avenue Road and Lytton Blvd. Leader Ian Wheal.

Saturday December 22, 2001, 1:30 p.m. Lost Ponds of Runnnymead and Wendigo Creek Meet outside Runnnymead Subway Station. Leader Ian Wheal.

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