Yellow Creek

<map name="map"> Ancaster Sream Yorkdale Reach Bathurst Heights Srteam Bathurst Heights Reach Briar Hill Stream Beltline Reach Vale of Avoca Reach Park Drive Reservation Reach </map>

Yellow Creek arose in the Downsview area and entered the Don River just north of The Prince Edward Viaduct after flowing through a major ravine, two remnants of which are known as the Vale of Avoca and the Park Drive Reservation Ravine. It has been known by a number of other names including: Rosedale Brook and Silver or Sylvan Creek. It was approximately twelve kilometres long and had 3.5 km in tributaries. Yellow Creek has been divided into five reaches in this account: Yorkdale Reach, from Dufferin & Wilson to Rondale Blvd.; Bathurst Heights Reach, from Rondale Blvd to Forest Hill Memorial Park; Beltline Reach, along the Beltline to Yonge Street; Vale of Avoca Reach through Mount Pleasant Cemetery and Balfour Park to Mount Pleasant Road; and Park Drive Reservation Reach, from there to The Don River. Also discussed are the three tributaries Ancaster Stream which joins the Yorkdale Reach and the Bathurst Heights & Briar Hill Streams in the Bathurst Heights Reach.