Cedarvale Stream

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1.9 km, joined Castle Frank Brook in Cedarvale Park

Cedarvale Stream started just east of Bathurst Street (north east of Holy Blossom Temple) (in the former Village of Forest Hill) and flowed west, through the former City of York, to Everden Road and then south down into Cedarvale Park, where it joined Castle Frank Brook near the present site of the arena.


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Subway Entrance and Construction

To follow Cedarvale Stream, start at Eglinton and Bathurst and walk south to Dewbourne Avenue. Holy Blossom Temple stands at the south west corner of Dewbourne and Bathurst. Follow Dewbourne west noting the low points in the streets between Dewbourne and Eglinton to the north, marking the route of this stream. The tree density along Dewbourne is light to fair with species such as Norway Maple, Siberian Elm, Austrian Pine, Colorado Spruce, Crab Apple, Honey Locust, and Catalpa. At the end of Dewbourne jog north to Gloucester Grove, go west to Everden and south to Ava Road where one can enter Cedarvale Park.

Follow Everden Road to Cedarvale Park. This little neighbourhood, along Everden, with its bungalows and small two story houses was slated for sacrifice on the altar of the Spadina Expressway. In preparation for the expressway the houses along this street were expropriated and fell into disrepair. They have since been returned to private ownership and the neighbourhood is now improving. The trees along Everden are not notable: Siberian Elm, Silver, Manitoba & Norway Maples, White Cedar and Scots Pine.

On entering Cedarvale Park, follow the paved path though a planted grove of Colorado Spruce, White Birch, Siberian Elm, Green Ash and Manitoba Maples to where the park broadens out. Note Red Oak at corner. The slopes, both east and west, have been naturalized by cessation of mowing and the planting of Silver Maple, White Spruce, Ash and Red Oak. Many Manitoba Maples have seeded into these areas. Follow mowed strip up the hill the east. The plantations on the left are dominated by Silver Maple. On the right White Spruce have been planted. We meet here a remnant of the Cedarvale Stream ravine on the right with native trees: Old White & Red Oaks and Sugar Maple, plus younger Basswood, Norway Maple, Grapevines and Black Locust. The ravine stops at a cross park paved path, but shows up again a bit further on; Red Oak, Mountain Ash, Manitoba & Norway Maples, Basswood, and some Large Poplar and Crack Willow.

Cross low spot and go up slope to emergency subway entrance. See pictures before and after the construction of the Subway. At the top of the slope look down. Castle Frank Brook flowed into the park from behind the Arena to met Cedarvale Stream. Continue down Cedarvale Ravine.