Upper Canada College

Founded in 1829, Upper Canada College was one of the first institutions of secondary education in the Province and probably the first competent one. What you see today is the fourth building. After a temporary stay in “the Old Blue School,” it spent many years at King and Simcoe Streets on a nine acre parcel. By the mid 1880’s a better site was desired and this thirty acre property on the Baldwin estate was chosen. The new College was formally opened in October 1891. The school’s new surroundings were vastly different from King Street then and Deer Park today. Threshing took place in fields west of the College and there were dairy farms along St. Clair Avenue. In 1958, because the main block had become unsound, it was demolished and the present building erected in a similar architectural style. In September 1960 it was formally opened by former Governor General Vincent Massey.

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UCC in 1890

Today’s Upper School seen through trees

Fine Beech and Oak on UCC campus

UCC in 1835 on King Street

Outstanding Elm lost to Dutch Elm disese in 2002