High Level Pumping Station

This pumping station was built in 1906 on the site of the Yorkvllle Waterworks, and enlarged in 1910 to provide water to the new part of the City, then expanding north of the Iroquois Shore Cliff. It now houses the City of Toronto’s Central Control for water distribution. Here Toronto’s four filtration plants, 21 pumping stations, ten reservoirs and four elevated tanks are monitored by a computerized control system. The Pumping Control Officer on duty gets information on water pressures, flows, storage reservoir levels, water and power consumption, flood conditions, temperatures in buildings and unauthorized entry for the entire system. He can control the operation of all pumping stations throughout the city and operate all system valves so as to keep a proper balance between supply and demand and maintain adequate water pressure all over. Pumping, storage and transmission operations are monitored 24 hours a day.

Pumps in High Level Station