St. Anne's Anglican Church Gladstone Avenue

St. Anne’s Anglican Church on Gladstone Avenue is noted both for its murals painted by members of the Group of Seven and its unusual Byzantine plan.

The first St. Anne’s church was built on Dufferin St. in 1862 where the Parish Hall is now located. The present Byzantine style church was dedicated in 1908, The height of its dome from the floor of the nave is over seventy feet with a diameter of fifty-five feet (thirteen feet larger than that of St. Mark’s in Venice). By 1912 the Parish Hall and Rectory were completed. In 1923, The church was reopened after decoration by Canadian artists including members of the “Group of Seven”, J.E.H. MacDonald, F.H. Varley, and Frank Carmichael. In November, 1998, St. Anne’s Anglican Church, Toronto was designated a National Historic Site, and given protection by Parks Canada. For more about St. Anne’s including its history and pictures of its murals and stained glass go to and take the virtual tour.