Snow Dumps In The Don Valley

Pottery Road site and Bayview Bloor Ramp Site

These are two of thirteen snow disposal sites in the city (these are the two in the Don Valley). As the snow picked up from city streets is far from pristine, containing considerable contaminants especially road salt, The Task Force to Bring Back the Don has long advocated the removal of such sites from the valley. For more about road salt, see the neighbouring page on the Salt Dome. Consideration is being given to closing the Pottery Road Site shortly, if equivalent alternative snow disposal capacity can be found. The Baview Bloor Ramp site will remain in use for now.

The great pile of dirty snow at the Pottery Road site ‐ Jan 27, 1990.

The Task Force to Bring Back the Don and Transportation Services Division staff have been working towards finding a way to phase-out the Pottery Road site as soon as possible. In view of the Task Force’s concerns, the Pottery Road Site was not used in recent winter seasons and suggested major mitigation measures for this site have been placed in abeyance. It has been proposed that Pottery Road be only used on a major emergency basis for overflow capacity.

Snow removal, which involves loading and hauling snow to disposal sites or by melting, is an important function of the City’s Transportation Services Division in some winters. Ideally, snow windrows are simply left to melt in place, but when large accumulations threaten transit, emergency vehicle operations and public safety, it is city policy that the snow must be removed. When severe winter conditions dictate this, adequate snow disposal options must be available. Council has recognized the critical nature of this operation by its endorsement of the need to maintain existing capacity and its support of principles to enhance, mitigate and explore new options for this operation.

For a Riversides report on the road salt issue and recommendations about what to do, see this pdf