Queen Street Subway Line

Did you know that a Queen Street Subway was contemplated early in the last century and that provision was made in the Yonge Line’s Queen Street Station for this east-west subway when it was built? When you take one of the underpasses from the northbound platform to the southbound or the reverse, you actually walk on the east- or westbound platforms for the proposed Queen Line.

The concept was not for a full subway line, but that the Queen Streetcars would go underground from University Avenue to Church Street and, in the west, run in an open cut north of Queen Street as far as Niagara Street and in the east in an open cut and embankments as far as Carlaw. Further out streetcars would use regular surface routes. As the city grew it became obvious that a full east-west subway line was required and that it should be further north at Bloor St. From time to time the concept of putting the Queen Street line underground in the centre city is revived, but for the time being the old platforms are just underpasses.