Crother's Woods

Crother’s Woods is probably the finest example of old growth woodland in central Toronto. While the name Crother’s Woods is frequently applied to a broader area, here we are talking about the woodland south of Loblaws and west of the NTSTP. In pioneer days, many of the steeper slopes alone the Don valley were left in a forested state and only the flatter areas were cleared for farming and other uses. This is one of those remnant woodlands and is noted as a fine example of the forests that once covered this part of Ontario. In this woodland many species of trees may be seen including: Eastern Hemlock, Bitternut Hickory, Butternut, Black Walnut, Blue Beech, Beaked Hazel, Ironwood, American Beech, White Oak, Red Oak, Witch-hazel, Black Cherry, Black Maple, Sugar Maple and Basswood.

One issue that has developed in recent years, is the matter of trails. Mountain bikers attracted by the aesthetics of the area and the challenging slopes, created numerous trails which disturbed those who wished to preserve this choice area. The City of Toronto is working on this problem in an attempt to balance the requirements of bikers, preservationist and others. It is hoped to produce a plan which will keep this woodland healthy and still allow its many users to enjoy it.