Bridges along Crother's Reach

Leaside Viaduct, high level, steel Warren truss on concrete piers. Bridge Engineer: Frank Barber, Associate Architect: Claude Bradgon. Bridge opened to traffic October 29, 1927. Underwent expansion and reconstruction 1968-1969, by Laurie Kennedy. Underwent repair in 1991 and from 2004 to 2006. Carries 6 lanes of traffic. (& from 2001/7/5-6&7).

Leaside Viaduct from Lower Don Trail, June ‘07

Although the idea of a bridge to cross the Don Valley here had been discussed as early as 1911, it was the popularity of the Thorncliffe Racetrack that provided the final push to get it built. This racetrack was attractive and popular, but difficult to reach. The councils of East York Township and the Town of Leaside agreed to build the Leaside Viaduct over the Don Valley, joining Donlands and Pape to Millwood Road. This would give much easier access to central and east Toronto.

In April 2004, Toronto City Council put the Leaside Viaduct on its Inventory of Heritage Properties, as this bridge is historically significant for making access across the Don Valley possible and for the development of the communities on either side. It is also an important example of civil engineering in Toronto.

Don Valley from Leaside Viaduct, July ‘01

Other bridges in this reach are:

  • DVP over Beechwood Drive
  • DVP over Beechwood Drive, June ‘07

  • CNR over Don (north of snow dump)

  • CNR over Don River at Beechwood Drive (north of snow dump), June ‘07
  • Bailey Bridge over Don River at snow dump, foot traffic to Crother’s Woods.

  • Bailey Bridge over Don River carrying foot traffic to Crother’s Woods, June ‘07

  • CNR over Don (south of snow dump)

  • CNR over Don south of snow dump, June ‘07

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