Toronto Rehab Lyndhurst and Rumsey Centres

The Lyndhurst and Rumsey Centres, above the Sunnybrook Ravine, are two of six centres specialized teaching and rehabilitation hospital facilities operated across Toronto by the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute. It was formed in 1998 by the amalgamation of Lyndhurst Hospital, the Rehabilitation Institute of Toronto, and the Toronto Rehabilitation Centre.

Toronto Rehab is a rehabilitation and University of Toronto teaching hospital specializing in acquired brain injury and stroke, cardiac, geriatrics, musculoskeletal, spinal cord and complex continuing care. Its other facilities are:

  • University Centre, on University Avenue at Elm Street (along the Taddle);
  • Queen Elizabeth Centre, in Parkdale;
  • Lakeside Long-trem Care, also in Parkdale;
  • Hillcrest Centre, on the Iroquois Shorecliff near Bathurst Street;

Toronto Rehab’s Mission is “to partner with individuals, their families and supporting communities in innovative, effective adult rehabilitation and complex continuing care. In affiliation with the University of Toronto, we lead the integration of service, research and education, and the development of a co-ordinated rehabilitation system.”

For more information look at its website.