Nordheimer Skunk Cabbage Patch

This site is in a damp hollow on northeast side of Nordheimer Ravine west of Spadina Road bridge. The object was to restore a moist to wet understorey plant community as habitat for insects; birds such as yellow warbler, common yellowthroat, gray catbird and amphibians. The major activity has been planting of moist and wet understorey plants such as skunk cabbage; marsh marigold; sedges; ostrich, sensitive, spinulose, and lady ferns; spice bush and mountain maple over the past three years. This project contributes to a major goal of increasing high-quality swampy woods and wet meadow in the bottom of Cedarvale and Nordheimer ravines. The above picture is of a Skunk Cabbage planted here. Below is a picture of Skunk Cabbage in bloom taken by John Routh in early 2003.