This is a special legend for the Market Streams page. As all these streams are “lost” and no clear sign of any exist today only simple blue lines are used.

The course of a stream as shown on 1827 map of York. Very Hazy, Lost or Inaccessible

Trunk Storm Sewer There are storm sewers and sanitary sewers along most streets. With some exceptions only major sewers are mapped.

Storm Sewer Flow An orange arrow is use to show direction of flow of storm sewer or where a storm sewer empties into an existing water course.

Trunk Sanitary Sewer There are sanitary sewers along all streets. With some exceptions only major sewers are shown on reach maps. Many sanitary sewers also carry some storm water. See “Combined Sewers Overflows.”

Combined Sewer Overflows Storm overflow sewers. Arrow shows direction of flow as well as points where sanitary sewage may overflow into a water course during a storm. See sidebar on “Combined Sewers Overflows.”

Some Trails, Footpaths and Stairs are mapped in brown.

Other Linear Features such as the old shoreline are shown by purple lines.

Historic House locations of some existing and former historic houses.

Point of Interest The location of points of interest along the suggested walks are shown by red dots. Most will be linked to descriptive sidebars.

Subway Station

Parks General or open areas in Parks where wooded areas are shown as below. Light green.

Scale indicator: An orange-brown bar shows a distance of 400 metres or a quarter mile on the ground.