Lost Rivers Needs Your Help to create our New Website!

We would love to hear your ideas and find out why you came to visit the site today. As a starting point, we have created a survey on the link below. Your input will make a big difference going forward. Click here for the survey!

This website was created by Peter Hare and is quite rightly famous for the excellence and depth of its information. Peter, at the age of 79, did much of the research, taught himself HTML, and bought a new computer to build the website. Despite some design and navigation issues, it is an incredible and resilient resource that captures the communal mental encyclopedia of the people who lead Lost Rivers walks.

We have been told that “The core resources of Lost Rivers continue to be the deep information held by its principals and embodied to some degree on the existing website, and its role as a pivot point between different neighbourhoods and communities of political and ecological interest across the city.” (Michael Cook, Vanishing Point)

Now we need an information strategy to strengthen, renew and build on the communal store of knowledge about Lost Rivers - one that can make a bigger contribution to the future of city building and a new kind of ecosystem based planning: “Enabling people, and not just those we know, to do more than talk about there having been a creek somewhere, but to actually show it in a believably accurate way on their maps and diagrams and presentations is a crucial pre-requisite for planning and engineering and community design decisions that are actually based on and that respect the creeks’ presence in the landscape.” (Michael Cook, Vanishing Point)

We have been inspired by some amazing websites like and